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How a became a professional Home Care Provider

I'm Marla Baker and this is my story. got into the business of caregiving- because of my great aunt that never had kids. At the age of 86, She was placed in a nursing home that was not too far from where I live. The first time I visited her and saw the poor quality of care at the elder care facility, I decided to start going to visit my aunt on a constant basis. I became her legal guardian so I can make all decisions for her. They let her fall out of bed one day, so I decided to bring her home with me and take care of her myself. But the fall was too harsh on her small frame body that her life started to decline quickly after that, and she pass shortly afterward. Which made me think about other elderly people that don't have loved ones. So that is how I got started in the home care business. I'm a professional caregiver at Maricopa we Care

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